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My xStar Blog is a blog all about my random life/hobbies/things. It used to be called Fantage xStarz because I wanted it to be about Fantage, but I just couldn’t get my self to talk about only one topic. Anyways, like I’ve mentioned my posts will be completely random. I could be serious one post, and complete different the next so you never know what to expect. I hope that one day thing blog will stick out to you and make you smile when you hear its name. Blogging is a part of my life that is important to me and I love each and everyone one of y’all from the bottom of my heart. My goals towards this blog is to make it unique in my own way. And I am already one step ahead in that goal because every blog is unique in their own ways. Currently *this may be updated* the blog stats is: 240 posts, 6,759 views, 327 follows, and 2,048 visitors. We are so close to 200 followers that I’m scared XD. When I created this blog, I thought I would never pass 100. 100 was the biggest number in the world to me! But now seeing how far I’ve come makes me want to cry of happiness. * I can not believe we acutally reached 200.
OMG WE REACHED MORE DAN 300 FOLLOWERS. MSNRJEKEJBTKEJJRJEJENRBFNRN.While updating this, I am literary crying. I 💜 y’all so much! I really do appreciate the time you guys take to read my sometimes useless posts. You guys are amazing and great internet friends! I wish to further improve my blog and make  it better than it is right now. I can not wait for the journey ahead and where this will be taking me!

( PS. I love Sally xD)


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